Beyond Jewellery: The multi-talented pearl

Pearls, babies & Beyonce


We all know that pearls are basically the Beyoncé of gemstones, right?

They are super popular with the June babies and are the only gem that is birthed (well sort of) from a living creature. So we’re here today to share with you some random pearl facts that might just surprise you.
Did you know that pearls have been used in medicines for centuries? Pearls aren't just pretty to look at - they also have a long history of medicinal use.  That's right, in ancient China, pearl powder was used to cure all sorts of ailments, from heart palpitations to indigestion. And you thought they were just for making stunning necklaces.
Pearls aren't just medicinal wonders, they're also big-time players in the beauty industry. Crushed pearls are sometimes used in anti-ageing moisturiser and high-end makeup products, like illuminators and highlighters, for that natural and radiant glow.

And if you thought pearls were only good for jewellery, think again. They are also crushed and woven into fabric fibres! Talk about versatile! So there you have it, some pearls of wisdom you can drop at your next trivia night. 

Images courtesy of Vox, The Every Mom and Annie Baby Monitor


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