Meet the team

Brendon Maddock

Brendon is the mastermind behind Salt Wholesaling!

He's the big boss, the top dog, the head honcho - the man who makes it all happen!

As the founder and owner, Brendon leads the charge in bringing a wide selection of stunning gemstones and pearls to the world of fine jewellery. He's our fearless leader and the visionary who started it all; and he's always cooking up new ideas to keep the sparkly goodness flowing.

From being marooned on a sun-soaked island to a bustling Brisbane studio. Discover more of Brendon's inspiring story here.


Hoh Goh

Meet Hoh, the master magician of metal! As Salt Wholesaling's Master Jeweller, Hoh brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the crafting of each and every piece.

From repairs to a one-of-a-kind setting, Hoh's expertise shines through in every design.


Rachael Bromage

Meet Rachael, the ultimate multi-tasker at Salt Wholesaling!

She's the workshop wonder, the creative conductor, and the “unofficial jewellery apprentice”.

With her superpowers, she manages the workshop, directs the creative vision, crafts a chain or two from time to time and keeps the man in charge, the gemstone guru, Brendon, on track and in check. Rachael is the powerhouse that keeps the Salt Wholesaling engine running smoothly.


Louise Dela Cruz

Meet Lou, the ever-so creative visual architect behind all the jaw-dropping gemstone shots you see!

As our in-house photographer and content creator, Lou knows exactly how to make our gemstones sparkle and pearls shine in the spotlight.

With a keen eye for detail and a talent for visual storytelling, Lou brings the magic of our gems to life.


Amy Meri

Meet Amy, our photo guru in training!

She's the camera-wielding sidekick to our in-house photographer, Lou.

Whether it's setting up the perfect shot, adjusting the lighting or making sure each sparkle is perfectly highlighted, Amy is always ready to go above and beyond.

With her keen eye for detail and love for all things sparkly, she's an essential part of the Salt Wholesaling team.